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Interaction With Stakeholders

Council of Power Utilities provides a common platform for it’s members to interact with key stakeholders of the sector: Government of India, regulatory bodies, industry associations, global counterparts, prospective clients etc.

The Council is regularly approached by the Ministry to seek suggestions from it’s members regarding various issued such as Tax/Duty Structure etc.

In this way, CPU bridges the gap between the Government & policy makers and voices the opinion of entities to the relevant authority in a seamless manner.

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Access To International Books & Publications

Members of the Council are provided an unprecedented access to the latest reports, publications and material relating to the Power Sector. This ensures that the members are abreast with the latest happenings, statistical figures, technology innovations etc. and this helps them take decision in an effective and well-informed way.

CPU ties up with credible publication houses from all round the world and brings all the information under one roof thus eliminating the need to waste time looking for the right data.

Should material from the information hub not suffice, CPU further facilitates & hires TPAs for research, consultation and collection of statistical information on the demand of it’s members.

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Information About Events & Training Programs

There is no dearth of industry events taking place today. But that makes it impossible to keep track of them too. Limited information, no response from the organizers or a high delegate fee often comes in the way of successfully attending an event.

CPU maintains direct & close contact with event organizers and industry associations from all round the world. It keeps a tab on their forthcoming events and informs it’s members of the same well in advance. In some cases, CPU is also able to clench discounted delegate fees for it’s members. In this way, members sitting in their Mumbai office are effectually informed of an event of their interest-taking place in South Africa.

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PR, Communication & Broadcasting

Communication is key. While it is important to achieve milestones and path-breaking innovations, it is of little value until the achievement is in full public view.

CPU Members are assured that their efforts are broadcasted among the people who matter. There are various avenues for the same: advertisement in the India Power Journal, Press Releases on the website, dedicated circulars to prospective clients; CPU ensures that each of it’s members are given their due.

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Slashed Prices

Everything is on sale for CPU Members, all year round.

Be it reduction in advertisement rates/ insertion of company profile in the India Power Journal, banner placement on the website, delegate fee for events hosted or supported by CPU, sponsorship & exhibition rates, purchase of books & publications, anything.

The underlying aim is to ensure that it’s members can reap benefits on a continuous and sustained basis and take advantage of the global links developed by CPU.

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International Connectivity & Collaboration

Members of CPU are constantly kept in the loop of the possibilities of JVs, Collaborations or Project based associations with international organizations seeking such a partnership with Indian entities.

CPU also aids awareness & promotion of member companies on a global scale.

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Priority is accorded to all CPU Members viz-a-viz Non-Members in matters such as placements of advertisements in the India Power journal, attending an event with limited seats, placement of press releases & company information on CPU Website etc.

All discounts & promotional schemes are also first opened to CPU Members only before other Non-Members.