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Brief Information

Conceived in 2008, the India Power Awards is another pioneering initiative taken by the Council to acknowledge and recognize the great work done by individuals and organizations in the Power sector.

India Power Awards stand out from all the other Awards that have cropped up in recent times, due to many factors: The scope and gamut of the Award categories, the most eminent panel of judges as the Jury members and the underlying objective of recognizing the work done by the most junior level management as well.

Most recently, an addition has been made to the Award Categories to encompass engineering colleges, research institutes and budding engineers. This is in consonance with the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi’s view that the youth of the country should be encouraged to create, invent and add new ideas to the Indian power sector.

Unlike other Awards, there is no Nomination Fee associated with any category and no limit to the number of nominations that one can file in.

Throughout the past eight years, the India Power Awards have been buoyed and encouraged by leading personnel who have acted as Chief Guests. Some of them include Shri P. Laxmiah, Shri Kiran Kumar Reddy, Shri Suresh P. Prabhu, Shri etc.

The 9th India Power Awards will take place in November 2016 in New Delhi.

Award Categories

Category Award Description Eligibility/Criteria
Lifetime Achievement Award
  • As the name suggests, this Award is given to recipients who have dedicated their lives to the Energy Sector and have, in turn made an impact on society and/or in the lives of others.
  • It includes accomplishments, leadership and foresight showcased over the whole of a career , rather than or in addition to a single contribution.
  • Notable contributions to Energy Sector during a career spanning at least 25 years (include various capacities and positions held).
  • Innovative approaches implemented for demonstration and management of new energy systems and solutions.
Leading Energy Personality Award
  • The nominee should have held the post of CMD/MD of any organization relating to the Energy or allied fields.
  • Noteworthy, proven, technical, managerial or scientific achievements or contributions to projects or programs that represent a milestone in the energy sector.
CEO (Energy and Gas Sector)
  • Instituted for the purpose of recognizing the managerial person who steers entire company
  • A CEO who is a visionary leader, leading by example and has the right strategy, clear vision and direction builds a positive culture.
  • Individuals who are backed by the right frame to lead the entire workforce to higher levels of achievements
  • Backed by high technical qualifications and capable of providing guidance and support to the technical and managerial qualified persons to improve the performance of the projects/plant.
  • Should have exemplary leadership skills that are brought to light by encouraging & implementing new innovative ideas
CEO (Energy and Gas Sector) International Segment Thermal/Hydro/Gas/Transmission/ Water Resource etc.)
  • Considering the global character of energy Sector, International Cooperation and recognition is vital to adapt, develop and introduce new technology and associated practices
  • It is with this aim that the international segment is instituted and it welcomes nomination from all round the globe.
  • Should have contributed substantially at the International Level for Energy Development and or Environmental Up gradation
International Segment Thermal/Hydro/Gas/Transmission/ Water Resource etc.)
  • Considering the global character of energy Sector, International Cooperation and recognition is vital to adapt, develop and introduce new technology and associated practices
  • It is with this aim that the international segment is instituted and it welcomes nomination from all round the globe.
  • Should have contributed substantially at the International Level for Energy Development and or Environmental Up gradation
Women Contribution to the Power Sector (CEO/ Middle/ Grass root Levels)
  • Dedicated to those few who have carved a niche for themselves in this male dominated sector
  • Could be at National or International
Finance & Revenue Management (Director Level)
  • No power projects is feasible or complete without the constant backing of finance and revenue.
  • This Award goes out to the individual who has a capacity to foresee and identify various levels of risk and allocate finance accordingly (in his respective organization)
  • Should be holding the post of a director or equivalent
Human Resource Management (Director Level)
  • Recognizing the individual who has helped to develop, grow and lead the manpower support in the organization
  • Should be holding the post of a director or equivalent
Promising Young Executive
  • As the whole purpose of instituting such Awards is to encourage the future generation it is their responsibility to equally participate in such endeavors
  • Should be duly supported by the head of institution or department and shall be not over 35 years of age on 31-07-2015
Remarkable Indians Abroad
  • This Award is meant for native Indians, who had humble beginning in India but through their vision, passion and grit have made a mark globally and are a well-known and influential figure for many.
  • Indian men and women who have made scientific or a remarkable breakthrough at the international level.
  • Applicants should be currently living abroad and have been living overseas from a substantial amount of time.

Organisational Category

Category Award Description Eligibility/Criteria
Heritage (Thermal, Hydro, Gas, Transmission, Water Resources etc)
  • Without the solid foundation of heritage it is not possible to build anything that will last and stay the course
  • It is important to remember these master pieces as they hold cues to the problems of the present & future.
  • Historic icons that can become a focus of community identity and pride
Energy Efficiency Conservation & DSM
  • If we are to meet future energy need and see a global transition to sustainable energy sources, energy efficiency conservation is the need of the hour.
  • Fortunately, Energy Efficiency & Conservation is the lowest cost option for providing many environmental, economic & Social benefits including the control of GHG’s
  • Includes Consumer’s opinion for efforts on energy efficiency.
  • Identifications and application of tools or means to improve the energy efficiency and conservation in all spheres like Energy Segment, Architecture Irrigation consumption, on Training and teaching etc
Social & Community Impact
  • Communities in and around power project undoubtedly effect the community in more ways than one
  • This category recognizes organization that perform their CSR regularly, give back to the community and have minimum negative impact on the environment
  • Material evidence that reflect the company policy of giving back to the society
  • These activities should have impacted the live of communities on a regular/ constant basis.
Innovative Initiatives in the Power/ Energy Sector
  • Innovations are required to provide incentive for utilities to pursue energy efficiency initiative, to provide incentive to attract private players to empower consumers to manage energy usage more effectively.
  • Development of new and improved materials, processes and technologies to enhance efficiencies are also welcome
  • New and advance technologies in generation transmission and distribution segments of the power sector including metering technologies data measurement and recording technologies.
  • Could be related to operations ad maintenance, construction etc.
Remarkable Projects
  • This is how broad it can get. Projects that have been implemented and are remarkable in their own way are welcome under this category
  • The projects can stand out on the basis of timely completion, use of innovative of losses and GHG Emission, safety standards adopted or any other criteria
  • All projects in operation or project that are at least half way through completion.
Safe and Sustainable Equipment Manufacturers of Energy Related Project work etc
  • Power and Energy projects are always a mammoth task where many factor of production are exposed
  • The safety element thus is of prime importance, therefore justifying the addition of this category
  • All manufacturers of any equipment relating to energy sector
Best Overall Performance in Private Sector and PSU
  • This category honors organization which have performed exceptionally well and have set new benchmarks for other industry players
  • Organizations that have promoted and implemented improved techniques and practices at the construction/operational level are also welcome
  • All those in private sector including franchisees
  • Separately for PSU
Outstanding and Noteworthy accomplishments in the Sector
  • Organizations which have performed noteworthy, proven technical or scientific achievements or contribution to a single energy projects or program that represents a breakthrough or milestone in the sector
  • Any person involved in any sector that has an impact on energy sector, management, planning, construction, consultancy, operation etc
  • Major Contribution as Consultant/Consultancy services
  • Provide consultancy service for the number of major projects, both Conventional & Non- Conventional with high standards
  • Established a reputation in the above.
Research Institutes in Water & Energy and allied Sectors
  • Research Institutes which have contributed remarkably to the sector
  • Contributed in applied & basic research which is recognized and practically utilized.

Student Category

Engineering Colleges/Research Institutes Awards

Category Award Description Eligibility/Criteria
Products/Techniques Developed to reduce Carbon Footprint
  • This Award is meant for students who have come up with ingenious ideas and concepts with the aim of reduction of emission of fossil fuels.
  • Include Patents, if any.
  • The Product/Technique should be the sole invention of the student/group of students.
  • The Product/Technique should be in the Completed Stage.
Green Energy Initiatives and Energy Awareness Programs
  • This Award is meant for students who have taken interest and played a significant role in spreading awareness about energy and its conservation, either via the medium of events or any other self mode.
  • Proactive measures taken up by the student/students in spreading awareness among peers and others.
  • Proactive measures taken up by the student/students in spreading awareness among peers and others.
  • Include presentations & speeches prepared and presented by student.

Institute/College Category

Category Award Description Eligibility/Criteria
Dedicated Programs for Energy Conservation
  • This Award is meant for colleges which offer programs and courses that have a direct focus on the Energy Industry (be it Oil, Gas, Natural Resources, Energy Efficiency etc.)
  • include the various professional/non-professional and vocational courses dedicated to the Energy Sector.
  • Mention the year since which these courses have been running and the popularity of the same.
Establishment of Societies/Clubs to promote Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Include the date of establishment of the Society/Club, number of students enrolled, activities & achievements of the Club.
  • Include rallies, workshops, speeches, events etc.
  • Proactive measures taken up by the student/students in spreading awareness among peers and others.
  • Proactive measures taken up by the student/students in spreading awareness among peers and others.
  • Include presentations & speeches prepared and presented by student.

Process of Evaluation

Submission of nominations is completely free of charge and a staged process of evaluation is followed for each nomination.

Stage 1: Submission of Nomination Form
The Nomination form, duly filled along with supporting documents are submitted

Stage 2: Confirmation Email
The Awards Team will send you an email of confirmation that your submission has been received as per the required format. Nominees will also be intimated of missing information, if any.

Stage 3: Compilation & Segregation of Information
The Awards Team will compile and put together all information for scrutiny and analysis by the Jury Members

Stage 4: Deliberation of Nominations by Jury Members
At this stage, the Jury Members will discuss & deliberate on the authenticity, validity and candidature of the nominations received.

Stage 5: Intimation of Decision
Successful nominees will be intimated of the Jury’s decision and will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony to receive their Award

Jury Members

The sanctity of the India Power Awards is majorly reflected by our Eminent Jury, comprising of some of the most dominant people from the Energy Sector.

The 6 Member Jury is qualified to make accurate & objective judgment. Together, it possesses the amalgamated experience, vision and clarity to identify and recognize the very best out of the best.

The Judgment of the Jury shall be deemed as Final.

The India Power Awards is blessed with a 6 Member Jury that has the amalgamated experience, vision and clarity to identify and recognize the very best out of the best.

Eminent Jury

Mr. P. Abraham

Mr. P. Abraham has 15 years of experience in the power sector by serving in various capacities such as Secretary-Ministry of Power, Government of India, Chairman-Maharashtra State Electricity Board, & Secretary, Energy Department,.

In Mr. Abraham's 35 years of service in the Indian Administrative Services, he has held a number of executive positions with the Central and State Governments such as Chairman Commissioner of Industries, GoAP.

He authored a book on the power sector reforms with a focus on distribution in 2003

Shri H.L. Bajaj

Shri H.L. Bajaj , is Former Technical Member, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity. Prior to joining the Tribunal, he was Chairman, Central Electricity Authority and ex-officio Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Power from 2002 to 2005.

He was ex officio Member of Central Electricity Commission and Chairman, Central Electricity Board.

During his14 years stint with BHEL, he led engineering teams for turnkey generation, transmission and distribution projects in India and abroad.

Shri Bajaj is Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India, Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA and All India Management Association.

Dr C R Prasad

Dr C R Prasad has over 40 years of experience in Indian Energy Sector with thorough exposure to various facets of the industry such as Exploration and Production of oil and natural gas, Engineering and Construction of large oil/gas production complexes located offshore, setting up of mega petrochemical complexes, petrochemical production etc.

He worked as Director (Marketing & Planning), GAIL from 1994 and took over as Chairman & Managing Director of GAIL in September, 1996.

He has held additional charge of Chairman & Managing Director of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. in 1999.

Dr. H R Sharma

Dr. Sharma is a well-known name in the Hydro Industry. He has carried out several innovations in planning and design of hydropower and water resources projects across India and neighboring countries.

Dr. Sharma has held some very important positions such as Director-Central Water Commission, Member (Hydro Central Electricity Authority) and Ex-Officio Add. Secretary to the Government of India, Chairman of the Naptha Jhakri Power Corporation, Advisor on Water and Energy for the Government of Mauritius, General Manager (Hydropower & Tunnels) at SMEC and Chief Technical Principal for Hydro, Tasmania Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Vaidhyanathan Raghuraman

Mr. Vaidhyanathan Raghuraman served as Principal Advisor and Chief Co-ordinator- Energy, Environment and Natural Resources of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Energy Program.

Mr. Raghuraman is an internationally recognized specialist in energy management, energy efficiency, energy policy and related regulatory and technology issues. He has been a Non Executive Independent Director at Suzlon Energy Ltd. since October 2005. He is a member of the Study Group on Nuclear Energy and the Convener of the CII — USIIBC Working Group on Civil Nuclear Cooperation. He has also served as the Secretary General of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM).

Mr. C.V.J. Varma

Mr. Varma started his career with the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in India and worked in the construction of the Tungabhadra Dam and the Hydro Electric Power House.

Mr. CVJ Varma was elected as President of International Commission on Large Dams in 1999 at Beijing for a period of three years. He is the only Indian and first Asian to be elected to this office in the 80 years history of ICOLD, which has a membership of about 10,000 from 95 countries.

Mr. Varma was appointed by the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) as Hon’ Member in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Association. Once again, he is the only Indian to be given this honor.

Presently, Mr. Varma is the President and CEO of the Council of Power Utilities.

Glimpses of Previous Awards

Voice Of The Winners

6th IPA 2013

"We have miles to go to ensure that no one is deprived of access to electricity and that every one is able to leverage clean and environment friendly electrical power to realise his/her fullest potential. My life is therefore dedicated to energy from Thorium and Sun. Being recognised by India Power Awards this year is thus very special for me. My gratitude to all concerned for this honour."

Dr. Anil Kakodkar-Fr. CMD, NPCIL

Lifetime Achievement Award

“Made me look back with pride to my former colleagues, teachers ,mentors, co-workers, near and dear ones who had helped me to perform with courage and dignity to deserve this honor on their behalf. I salute them and the eminent jury members whom I admire.”

Col. S.P Wahi-Fr. Chairman-ONGC

Lifetime Achievement Award

“I have received many awards in my life but an award from a professional organization on the work I have been doing in my official career was a memorable and rewarding event which recognized in a way the contribution which I have been able to render in the most crucial sector of our economy namely energy sector.”

P.S Bami-Fr. CMD, NTPC Ltd.

Leading Energy Personality Award

"Elated with a sense of satisfaction that I have made some contribution to the Power Sector. This recognition makes me to believe more strongly in my conviction that commitment to organization and dedication to work with positive thinking leads to positive results."

V.K Sood-Fr. Chairman, DERC

Leading Energy Personality Award

"I felt that this Award has very well recognized my persistent efforts to groom BBMB into a vibrant organization in terms of positive public perception, robust performance parameters in respect of power generation and irrigation & drinking water releases to vast stretches of country and raising employee motivation & morale".

A.B Agarwal-Chairman, Bhakra Beas Management Board

CEO of the Year

"I am humbled and honored to receive such an esteemed Award. It is the highest recognition I received in my life and it means a lot being recognized by Council of Power Utilities, of our very good neighbor-India. I am inspired to work much harder and live up to the fullest potential in serving my country with utmost dedications. I am thankful to our visionary and farsighted leaders in the form of our Kings who always provided fair and leveled playing field be it in education or professional career. I am proud to be associated with pioneer organization like Druk Green Power Corporation which is headed by very forward thinking and inspiring team of management led by Dasho Chhewang Rinzin. I hope this award will inspire many hardworking younger women engineers of Bhutan for times to come. I dedicate this award and recognition to them. Thank you."

Pema Yangdon-Dy.EE (Elect.), Projects Dept, Druk Green Power Corporation, Bhutan

Women’s Contribution to the Power & Energy Sector

"I would really like to thank the Council of Power Utilities for this very prestigious award. I am extremely honored to be a part it. This Award has further motivated me to work hard and I will continue to serve my country with utmost sincerity and dedication".

Karma Pelden-Head, Infrastructure Division, Druk Hydro Power Corporation, Dagana

Women’s Contribution to the Power & Energy Sector

“After working in the Power Sector for almost 30 years, I felt ecstatic on receiving the ‘Women’s Contribution to the Power Sector Award’, making my career journey all the more worthwhile. Thank you Council of Power Utilities.”

Sangeeta Bhatia-General Manager (Finance), NTPC Ltd.

Women’s Contribution to the Power & Energy Sector

“I feel privileged to receive this Award and delighted that my company appreciates and values my contribution to have recommended me. Such recognition motivates me to want to strive for even higher levels of achievements in the industry. I am also grateful to my management for entrusting me with responsibilities and bestowing their faith on me to prove myself. This award belongs equally to Reliance and my colleagues as much as it belongs to me. Thank you.”

Sailata Kararia-Manager, Technology Advisory Group, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

Women’s Contribution to the Power & Energy Sector

“I feel very proud to be receiving the India Power Award this year. I find myself extremely honored to be receiving such an important award on behalf of PFCL. I wish Council of Power Utilities will continue to do such good work and encourage power PSU's in the coming years.”

V. Jeyakumar-Executive Director, Power Finance Corporation Ltd.

PFC for Outstanding & Noteworthy Accomplishments in the Sector

“It’s a matter of great pleasure for us to win the India Power Awards successively third time with tally of five India Power Awards in various categories since 2011. This encourages for performing better and better. Sincere thanks to jury and CPU for organizing such wonderful events.”

Sandeep Kumar, IAS-Managing Director, Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd.

PGVCL for Demand Side Management

"It was a great opportunity to receive this Award with industry leaders in Power Sector and to have the glimpse of the activities by various industries. It was an honor to receive the Award, which is a recognition towards building up the nation's power need."

Vikas Goel-Schneider Electric (Global Supply Chain, Plant General Manager, India)

Schneider Electric for Safe & Sustainable Equipment Manufacturing

7th IPA 2014

Mr. Neelav Samrat De

ANDRITZ India Pvt. Ltd.

“We at ANDRITZ HYDRO would like to thank the Council of Power Utilities for conferring us the award for excellence in equipment technology. Needless to say, having had to represent our organization and accept the award from Mr. Suresh Prabhu was a double whammy and surely made our day! We appreciated the moment and enjoyed it too!”

Mr. S. Shrivastav

Vice President – Marketing Andritz Hydro Pvt. Ltd.,

“We at ANDRITZ HYDRO would like to thank the Council of Power Utilities for conferring us the award for excellence in equipment technology. Needless to say, having had to represent our organisation and accept the award from Mr. Suresh Prabhu was a double whammy and surely made our day! We appreciated the moment and enjoyed it too!”

Shri V B Patel Chairman

Multi Mantech International Pvt. Ltd. & Former Chairman Central Water Commission

“My receiving the Award was highly rewarding as that my work has been recognized by CPU. More than that, it has inspired my grandchildren to perform. Such events encourage young generation to become achievers”.

R Harikumar

Head - Education & Training Division Energy Management Centre, Govt of Kerala

I was greatly humbled and honoured to receive this Award on behalf of my employer, Energy Management Centre - Kerala. I infer that this Award is a profound recognition from a respected professional association, that energy efficiency/conservation is one of the most feasible and easily realisable options towards addressing energy security challenges. I was very happy to receive the Award from the Hon'ble Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu, who in February 2000, moved the Energy Conservation Bill in Lok Sabha.

Dr. Ajay Mathur

Director General Bureau of Energy Efficiency

“ The Indian Power Awards of the National Council of Power Utilities are both a recognition by peers, as well as an opportunity for experience sharing and cross-pollination of ideas. It was an honour for me to receive the Energy Efficiency Award in the company of such distinguished people such as Dr. R. Chidambaram , and from the hands of Shri Suresh Prabhu. I sincerely thank eminent Jury for their consideration and recognition”.

Dr. G D Gautama

State Information Commissioner West Bengal

"Once a powerman, always a powerman"...a matter of great honour and privilege to work in a sector which touch each and everyone .This sector is full of challenges and I feel very proud to be a part of it.

Shri V S Verma

Former Member Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

It was a great honour to have received the very prestigious Award of Leading Energy personality award by the Council of Power Utilities . CPU themselves have made immense contribution to the Energy sector in India and abroad . This award is a recognition of ones capabilities and expertise in the energy field . I am a proud winner of this award ,. My thanks to the able senior members of the Jury , to have considered me to deserve the award, thanks to respected Shri CV J Varma and CPU and their team, including Tanushree for their hard work in organizing the conference and award function



I feel honoured to receive the prestigious India Power Award for Best Overall Performance in Private Sector and PSUs. This gives recognition to nuclear energy and motivate the whole team of RAPS-5&6. Council of Power Utilities provide a forum for all power utilities for exchange of information and further improvements. The India Power Journal gives lot of learning for Power Engineers. RAPS-5 has continuously operated 765 days safely and stands at Second Position globally in the history of nuclear power generation in the world.

Mrs. Archana

Manish Godheswar Executive Engineer (O&M) MSEDCL Chandrapur

I and my whole Chandrapur divisional staff, colleagues, friends and higher authorities are overwhelmed by such a coveted recognition from a prestigious Council of Power Utilities and its Eminent Jury. The award function was indeed elegant and was very well organized. Receiving the award by the gracious hands of Hon. Suresh Prabhu, Cabinet Railway Minister is an memorable moment. I am thankful to Mahavitaran ( Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.) for extending moral and professional support for me to extract best out of me.

Sesa Sterlite Ltd

Being a part of 7th India Power awards was indeed one of the moments worth remembering. Getting Power awards in “Remarkable Projects” category is great boost which redefined & acknowledged our efforts towards Sustainability &Efficiency. This award once again filled confidence in us to do better &we are committed to create culture of excellence & achieve further heights in our performance.

Dr. R Chidambaram

Principal Scientific Adviser Govt. of India

It is a pleasure to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Power Utilities, because I see it playing an increasing role in India’s future growth. I have said for two decades and more that the Human Development Index can be redefined in terms of just two parameters, per capita electricity consumption and female literacy.

Dr. G V Ramakrishna

Chairman International Infrastructure Consultants (P) Limited

“Please accept my gratitude to the Jury members who have selected me unanimously to confer the Life time Achievement Award 2014”

8th IPA 2015

Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, TPDDL.


“Winning the 8th India Power Awards for the ‘Overall Performance in Power Distribution Sector’ was a moment of great pride for TPDDL and we are delighted that our efforts have been appreciated at this prestigious national platform. The India Power Awards provides excellent platform for showcasing Power and Energy Sector work and share experiences to inspire and motivate each other to adopt important policies and best practices. We, at TPDDL are committed to delivering excellence in distribution business and this recognition serves as further motivation in our efforts towards being a world class organization. I am also grateful to the esteemed jury for awarding me the ‘CEO of the Year -2015’ Award. It is such an honour to be recognized especially when judged among many worthy peers. However, this could not have been achieved without the support of TPDDL’s committed management team and staff. I am very proud of them and our joint achievements.”

Dr. Nitin Shivappa Lingayat

Head, Electrical Engineering Department

It was a great honor to receive the prestigious India Power Award for successful implementation of dedicated program for Energy Conservation at Institute of Petrochemical Engineering, Lonere. I sincerely thank Energy Conservation Department Maharashtra Energy Development Agency for providing financial support to implement Energy Conservation project, Principal Dr. M. A. Dabhade, team members, colleagues and friends and for their encouragement and support during project, and Eminent Jury for their consideration and recognition. The award function was very well organized by CPU N. Delhi.

It was a great honour for me to represent IIT Roorkee and receive the award on behalf of the institute from such eminent dignitaries of the power sector. My heartfelt thanks to Council of Power Utilities and look forward to more such events and opportunities.

Sanchit Saran Agarwal

IIT Roorkee

Our experience " The India Power Awards motivated us to strive harder towards achieving our goals. It feels great to be recognised at a national platform. Thank you CPU ! "

Shri U P Pani

Director (HR)

It is an honor to receive ‘Remarkable Project’ Award 2015. It is definitely an encouragement to us and we feel highly motivated to deliver in future as well.

I feel honoured to receive this prestigious award for “Human Resource Management – Director Level” from Council of Power Utilities. The award has strengthened my conviction and resolve to further continue my efforts in the area of Human Resource Management for greater good of employees and NTPC.


Mr. K M Bhuva

Chief Engineer (Technical) Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited

It was a great honour to have received the very prestigious award of “Innovative Initiatives in the Power & Energy Sector “awarded by the Council of Power Utilities.

This award once again filled confidence in us to do better and committed to create excellence and further height in our performance.

I also sincerely thank eminent jury and Council of Power Utilities for coveted recognition by their consideration and recommendation.