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  • 18-21
  • April
International Conference on the Status and Future of the World's Large Rivers

The pressures and impacts on the World’s Large Rivers have increased greatly in recent years, as a consequence of their exploitation to meet human needs. Large rivers are particularly exposed to problems of multiple uses, often with conflicting aims. At the global scale, there is no overview assessment of the current status of the World’s Large Rivers, the conflicting demands on such rivers, and likely future anthropogenic impacts, as well as the potential for restoration and the associated problems.

In 2011 the first International Conference on „The Status and Future of the World’s Large Rivers“ in Vienna, Austria, provided a global forum for a wide-ranging discussion of key issues related to research on large rivers and to their effective and sustainable management, involving both scientists and decision makers. This successful event has been continued in 2014 in Manaus, Brazil at the fascinating Amazon River.

Based on the Vienna Declaration, which has been adopted by the participants in 2011, a new UNESCO / IHP Initiative (WLRI - World’s Large Rivers Initiative) has been called to life which aims in fostering a global network of programmes and partners related to the work and research at large rivers.

One of the main tasks of this Initiative is to continue the successful series of World’s Large Rivers Conferences. Since we have had five potential venues for the next conference in 2017, the applications have been reviewed by an internationally scientifically renowned Advisory Board which opted for India, New Delhi, as the next venue for the World’s Large Rivers Conference.


Hydrology, Hydraulics & Water Quality

Hydrology & Hydraulics

Water Quality

Sediment Transport, Material Fluxes & River Morphology

Sediment Transport & Material Fluxes

River Morphology & Morphodynamics

Ecology & Restoration

Ecology (Fish Passages, Environmental Flows, etc.)

River Restoration

Integrated River Management

Land Use & Population Growth

Climate Change, Water Security & Natural Disasters

Hydropower, Navigation, Flood Control & Protection, Water Resources & Irrigation

Women's Role in Water Management, Community Engagements & Education

Integrated Management & Shared Benefit

Indian Rivers-Special session for research related to the Indian Rivers

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