Event Detail

  • 11-14
  • March
2nd Renewable Energy Week


ASEAN is looking at substantial investments in renewable energy sector amounting USD400 billion and USD400 billion for energy efficiency! With 3 co-located conferences spanning the full spectrum of smart and renewable energy sources and options, IBC Asia’s 2nd Renewable Energy Week 2019 will bring ASEAN and the rest of the regions to address regulation, new investment and project updates. This is Asia’s only event covering all regional markets will focus on Solar Power & PVTech, Wind Power & Turbine Tech and Smart Energy. It is the must attend platform to learn, meet, network and establish business partnerships in Asia’s renewable energy sector.

  • Projects in focus: ASEAN, North Asia, India and China – Investment and partnership potentials
  • Case studies by project owners and developers – Solar tech, Wind turbine technology
  • Get updated on power markets policies, incentives and energy prices
  • Digital transformation trends in power generation and distribution
  • Smart grid developments, technologies and impact
  • Online Networking Tool, Access the participant list in advance!
  • Pick and choose your sessions, Network across all events

Conference Highlights "2nd Annual Solar Power PVTech Asia

  • Government updates on Solar Power regulation across APAC regions
  • New investment outlook, and how Solar stacks up against other Renewable Energy sources 
  • FIT policies, structures and a regional comparison for investor assessment  
  • Raising finance, and lenders’ perspectives on risk, project variables and bankability 
  • Innovations in solar PV Tech and opportunities for developers 
  • Digitalisation of Solar Power, and applications  
  • Innovation in Solar farm development  
  • Country updates on projects, partnerships, risk and ROI  
  • Large Scale Solar and assessment of new opportunities  
  • Floating Solar investment, and Technical and Commercial benchmarks  
  • Developments in off grid solar and project outlook for the region 

  • PPAs for Solar Energy projects 

Conference Highlights "Smart Energy Summit"

  • Digital transformation trends in power generation and distribution 
  • Mapping the digitalisation value add for power utilities  
  • Intelligent integration, efficient distribution and optimal consumption – an end to end digitalisation case study  
  • Digital solutions for power generation and energy management   
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT applications and case studies  
  • Blockchain applications in the power sector  
  • Smart grid developments, technologies and impact 
  • Improving distribution reliability through grid digitalisation  
  • Enabling Peer to Peer energy trading 
  • Automation, Robotics and asset management  
  • Synergies with telcos, and partnerships arising  
  • Collaboration models with technology providers  
  • New approaches to customer engagement  
  • Technology selection, investment and implementation consideration. 
Conference Highlights "2nd Annual Wind Poewr & Turbine Tech Asia"

  • Regional Government updates on evolving Wind Energy regulations  
  • FIT policies, structures and a regional comparison for investor assessment  
  • Investment outlook, and financier perspectives on risk, and lending criteria variables  
  • Innovation in Wind Farm development 
  • Digital Wind Farms, and the impact on project outcomes   
  • Country specific market entry strategies and critical project success factors  
  • Project updates and partnership opportunities across the region 
  • Early stage project feasibility assessment, constructability, modeling and validation 
  • New trends in turbine design, efficiency and reliability, and CAPEX implications  
  • Overcoming design limits, transportation and installation challenges for remote locations   
  • Offshore Wind Farm feasibility and project outlook 
  • PPAs for Wind Energy projects 
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