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Hydraulic Modelling of Major Components of Hydropower Schemes


Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune is a premier national institute offering a wide range of R&D services related to water and energy resources development, river engineering problems and the coastal development projects. As the UN recognized Regional Laboratory for ESCAP region, CWPRS has offered its services to neighbouring countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Reservoir and Appurtenant Structures is one of the major disciplines of research at CWPRS.

Under this discipline, studies are carried out for evolving efficient, economical and safe hydraulic designs of structures such as spillways, energy dissipators and water conductor systems involving power intakes, high head gates, diversion tunnels, sluices and outlets, surge tanks, tunnels, and tailrace tunnels/channels. The studies are carried out with the help of hydraulic models, mathematical models and analysis of prototype data in the following areas of specialization:

Spillways and energy dissipaters

  • Studies include discharging capacity assessment, pressures and water surface profiles, performance of energy dissipaters and plunge pool design.
  • Diversion tunnels, Power intakes and tailrace system Layout, location and dimensions of diversion tunnel, intake and water conductor system, submergence from the consideration of vortex, transient analysis for water hammer effect and water levels in surge tank.

Vertical, Radial and Stop log gates

  • Layout of gates and location of air vents, optimization of hydrodynamic uplift and down pull forces, hydrodynamic pressures and air demand.

Canal Automation

  • Canal automation is application of automatic devices or logic to assist in controlled coordination among various canal regulating structures. It may involve wide array of technologies, ranging from simple mechanical devices to complex completely computerized controls
Date:- 09th March - 10th March 2017 | Venue Pune | India 

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